About Us

Salaris Consulting is a professional services firm dedicated to providing innovative remuneration packaging and employee benefit strategies, FBT management and fully outsourced salary packaging administration services to employers.

Created by Stuart Crow and built on the philosophy of comprehensive advice and professional service, Salaris Consulting can guide you and your employees through the often misunderstood and under utilised area of Fringe Benefits Tax and salary packaging.

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Why We’re Different

The Salaris Consulting approach to the provision of remuneration services distinguishes us from our competitors.

We have found that an advice driven approach is the best way to gain employee acceptance of remuneration packaging.

Most remuneration providers give minimal or no attention to the needs of either employer or employee in the establishment of a salary packaging programme, with little guidance for the employer and employees left to seek their own structuring advice.

By outsourcing the entire remuneration packaging process, you can ensure that your company gains greater structure and flexibility in its provision of employee benefits and that your employees are provided with an individually tailored remuneration package.

Let us show you how to reduce your FBT liability, streamlining your reporting requirements, cut your payroll tax bill and outsource your FBT administration.